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Monthly Meetings

September 3: It's time for our annual potluck membership meeting to kick off our new year. Please join us at the NC Botanical Garden at 6:30 PM (note earlier start time), September 3, 2015. Please bring a dish to share and your own (or compostable) cutlery, cups, and dishes to limit the amount of trash going to the landfill. Also, you are welcome to bring 10 to 12 photos or slides of nature or the environment to share with the group.

October 1: Kim Brand, Audubon North Carolina, Bird Friendly Communities

Creating a Bird Friendly Habitat and the NHAS Certification Program

New Hope Audubon is now offering a program for Chatham, Durham, and Orange Counties to certify your property as a Bird Friendly Habitat at a Silver, Gold, or Platinum level if you meet certain standards. If you are interested in having your property certified or just want information on how to make your property more bird-friendly, then click here.

For more information on any of the key elements of creating a bird friendly habitat, follow the links below.

Barn Owl Web Cam

New Hope Audubon, together with the US Army Corps of Engineers, has installed a web cam in one of our Barn Owl nest boxes near the Jordan Lake Dam. The antenna is now permanently installed, so the camera is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here's the link.

The nest box is NOT currently occupied, but we hope someone will move in this winter or in the spring. So check in from time to time just to see if anything is happening. If we learn of any activity, we will announce it here and through our various social media outlets.

New Hope Audubon has embarked on a project to install Barn Owl nest boxes in several sites in Chatham, Durham, and Orange counties. These birds used to breed in our part of the NC Piedmont, and we hope to entice them back. For an overview of the project click here.

For a detailed blog of the installations as they unfold click here.

Events Calendar

Some upcoming events. For information on these and other events, go to our calendar and click on an event for details.
  • August 29--NHAS bird walk
  • September 5--stream watch
  • September 27--NHAS bird walk
  • October 3--stream watch
  • October 19--Sandy Creek Monarch Festival.

Newsletter Available Online

Our most recent bi-monthly newletter is now available online. Click here for the September/Otober, 2015, newsletter.

Here's some of what you will find:
  • My Two Cents Worth, by Tom Driscoll
  • Truth Is Stranger than Fiction, by Norm Budnitz
  • NHAS Reaches Out to Children, by Mary George
  • Bird Friendly Habitat Information
  • Bird Seed Sale information
  • Our membership meetings speaker schedule
  • Calendar of Events

redbud coral honeysuckle

Juvenile Bald Eagle



Links often requested by our readers. Visit our Resources page for more information and a more extensive list of links about birds, conservation, rehabilitation organizations, and other national, state, and local Audubon groups.

GBHE head

Great Blue Heron

Last Updated: August 13, 2015