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To become a member of the New Hope Audubon Society (NHAS), you have two choices. You can either: (1) join National Audubon OR (2) you can join as a Local Member of New Hope Audubon.

Benefits of joining National Audubon include receiving the AUDUBON magazine and automatically becoming a member of your local Audubon, which will be NHAS if you live in Chatham, Durham, or Orange Counties. Joining as a Local Member will mean that your yearly dues will be used directly to benefit NHAS local projects and outreach. In contrast, if you join National, only your first year dues benefit NHAS. As a suggestion for families, one member of the family could join National so you receive the magazine, and another could join locally to benefit our programs.
  • To join National Audubon click here to go to the National Audubon Society website. Yearly dues are $20 with $12.50 of that being tax deductible. Please enter R54 as the Chapter code for New Hope Audubon Society.

  • To join as a Local Member of the New Hope Audubon Society click here to download a form to print, fill out, and mail with your check to PO Box 2693, Chapel Hill, NC, 27515. Yearly dues are $20 individual, $30 family, and $10 student, and the full amount is tax deductible.

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    This is an email group for discussing birds and other wildlife, the environment, and conservation. We also make announcements about our monthly meetings, fund-raising activities, and other NHAS events.

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    This is a no-reply email group that we use to announce the publishing of our bi-monthly newsletter. Expect no more than 10-12 messages a year.

Last Updated: November 10, 2015